Facebook Applications

Facebook applications

Facebook applications are quite common these days and often use them. Most popular games are the company Zynga - Farmville, MafiaWars, ZyngaPoker etc.. And of course use other, helping us to get more information about weather, news and more.

We developed several Facebook applications for the past few months and we can say that they are already quite popular as we get a lot of new inquiries. Some of the applications that we created are mainly oriented towards the promotion of products to our customers but also our customers and focus on games made for marketing purposes to brand their companies.

Some Facebook applications that we developed are related to the initial Facebook fan page of our clients in order to allow their users to have easy access to dynamic information on their company's products. Thus our customers can offer fans of the page option to subscribe to their newsletter, find information about the company, which seek to participate in promotions ú.

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"We would like to thank the VIB Solutions team for their professionalism, quality and correctness, that they gave to our project."
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