Cooperation with third parties ( shareholders, partners and competitors)

VIB Solutions aims at honest trade connections based on respect, confidence and responsibility in the relationships with its partners. The free and upright competition is an inseparable part of the market economy and it contributes to effectiveness, economic development and innovation. We aim at upright relations with our competitors and we support the free and honest competition.

Data protection

The personal data are exposed to risk, especially as a result of global link of the communication systems. We understand the necessity of a special care for the data of our clients, shareholders and employees and we protect this information from incorrect usage keeping it in strict confidentiality. By using internal regulations VIB Solutions guarantees equally high standard for data protection globally.


The diversity of people and the approving approach are the keys to our success.  For the prosperity of our Company we respect, value and integrate the individual characteristics of all our associates in accordance with our corporate values and our trade mark.  In the present world of internationalization and globalization we stimulate and require personal and cultural diversity so that a better quality of the personal and professional life is achieved.

Cooperation with employees

Our employees determine the success of VIB Solutions. Their ability to act independently and their enterprising spirit assist and consolidate our position on the global market. VIB Solutions secures a working environment which gives a possibility for new professional and personal perspectives and allows its employees to act freely and achieve excellent results. We rely on motivated and qualified employees who aim at personal development and improvement and adopt every change as a possibility for such a development.

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"The project was completed on time, thanks to the professionalism, team work, responsiveness and communicative approach of the VIB Solutions team."
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Ilinka Jivkova